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Facebook encourages Charity and Donations through Facebook Gifts

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Face Book encourages Charity and Donations through Facebook Gifts:

It is a common issue amongst friends, that some of them are not all that easy and game to shop for, on occasions of their birthdays or holidays. Now they can, as Facebook has recently introduced Facebook Gifts, by using this option users can give donation to a charity of the friend’s choice by just a click, or give monetary support to a nonprofit organization, in honor of a friend by making a dedication to that particular friend. This feature, which also provides users with 11 different organizations to choose from, it is something that Facebook, is testing.

Majority of the Facebok users, still do not have direct access to Facebook Gifts. The Social network is still planning to, gradually deliver and make it available to more and more users. When you start receiving Facebook Gifts, it will also be made available for you to buy real-life items for friends. But if your friend does not really want chocolates or stuff toys, you might as well surprise him by gifting him a donation to the American Red Cross or, or any of the other charity that he particularly cares for, as it would be a more suitable option.

In addition to the above, you can also donate a pre-set amount and allow the recipient to choose the charity, from amongst the available choices.

Facebook officially announced the testing of donations via Gifts on Facebook’s Newsroom blog:

Along With every charitable contribution made by you on Facebook, you get to also choose which nonprofit organization or charitable cause you would like to support. Even if you do not have much knowledge, to help you opt for which organization to choose, you can instead let your friend make the choice for you. We have high hopes that along with enabling all these essential organizations, raise funds; Facebook Gifts will also be performing the task, of raising awareness and generating people’s interest about thousands of nonprofit organizations, all around the world. A lot of investors are collaborating with Facebook, as it started working on this test feature. It is only a matter of time now, to see whether this unique new feature, lives up to its user expectations or not.

This feature is designed towards escalating, charities all over the world. Hurricane Sandy was responsible, for causing a lot of devastation in the USA. The timing for the launch of this feature is perfect, as victims of the super destructive hurricane and the whole world, are in desperate need of charities

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Users can choose to donate to these 11 organizations, with their convenience and beliefs, more will be possibly added to this list soon:

  • American Red Cross.
  • Blue Star Families.
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
  • Girls Inc.
  • Kiva.
  • Livestrong.
  • Oxfam America.
  • Rainn.
  • St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Readers: Do you have acess to Facebook Gifts, are you excited about, being able to donate for these causes?

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